WC Attendance

Cumberland Valley's attendance policy is outlined in Board Docs under the policy section (Policy 204). 

The goal of the attendance policy: To ensure students are present for instruction and peer interaction

We recognize that students may need to be off school for many reasons. This page will explain the attendance allowances and procedures.


10 Parent notes-Each year parents/guardians can use a "parent note" excuse in any 10 days that need to be taken off, provided the note is turned in within 3 school days of the absence and the reason is one of the following: Illness, family emergencies, religious holidays.

Unlimited Dentist/Doctor's notes-Doctor's notes do not count against the 10 parent notes because they are categorized differently

Educational Trips-Each year a student can take a total of 5 educational trip days. The days can be split into no more than 2 different trips. (i.e. Trip 1 is 5 days and no second trip, Trip 1 is 4 days and Trip 2 is 1 day, etc.). Educational trips need to be pre-approved and an educational trip form must be completed/submitted and approved for the absences to be marked as excused. Educational Trips do not count against your 10 days of parent notes.

Educational Trip Tips

  • No educational trips will be approved during the PSSA window. (The window includes make-up days) Grades 3-5 ONLY

  • Each student can take 5 educational trip days each year.

  • The 5 days can be taken in one trip or no more than two trips.

  • The form will need to be completed and turned in at least a week in advance to the office-Neglecting to gain prior approval for the educational trip may result in the recording of unexcused daily absences for those days absent.

  • Do not count your 10 parent notes



1. Educational trips will not be approved during PSSA, Keystone, midterm or final testing periods.

2. “Take Your Child to Work” day is considered an educational trip for which a form must be completed and pre-approved. It is generally during the first week of PSSAs and will not be approved for Grades 3-5, however k-2 students would be approved. 

3. We do not encourage families to take educational trips the first or last ten days of school but understand that this may occur.

  • Educational trips shall only be approved absences during the first or last ten (10) school days, if the following criteria are met:

  • a. The parent/guardian must consult with the student’s principal and/or teacher(s) and prepare a written plan outlining how the student will gain important understanding and complete required assignments. The parent/guardian’s written plan must be attached to the educational trip request submitted one week prior to the trip.

  • b. If applicable, the parent/guardian must ensure all end-of-school-year obligations are met such as: returning all texts and school property, payment of library fines and the student must clean out his/her locker or desk.

Extended Trips

An extended trip is 10 or more school days missed
Please reach out to the office directly if you plan to have your student out of school 10 or more school days

Unexcused/Unlawful Absences-

Absences from school with parents' consent for reasons other than those considered excusable or no notes are turned in after and absence

Unexcused/unlawful count against your parent note count

4 unexcused/unlawful absences will prompt a School Attendance Improvement Conference (SAIC) to develop a School Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) with the Assistant Principal. 

Continued unexcused/unlawful after the SAIC may result in a Children and Youth referral or a referral
to the Magisterial District Judge

Please reach out to [email protected] or the Assistant Principal with any questions or support you may need with attendance-related items.

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